Spring is finally here and with the better weather we have been able to plant grass, and grow strawberries and other things. We have also played some games inside the academy and outside. ONE of the secrets to master spoken English is having a lot of conversations on many topics and trying to keep as much as possible in your memory. If you play or do fun activities or special or different ones it is much easier to remember……But… just imagine what it must be like for Toplingua teachers to let students play with earth and tiny seeds and real glue and real paint and other things around the computer keyboards and screens, specially the younger ones!!!!!  WE REALLY APPRECIATE THE WORK THEY DO AND WE KNOW  THAT NOT EVERYBODY COULD  DO IT….. You really have to be «special» to do some of the things we do….. It is really NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! We also appreciate how well our students behave during the activities and games specially when around the computers or outside!

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