At this moment we are not looking for teachers, receptionists, office staff or software developers but we are always willing to get to know people that would like to work for Toplingua when the opportunity arises. If you apply for a teaching position you would have to prove that you have native level of English, for example be in possession of a C2 English level certificate. Receptionists are usually certified primary or secondary English teachers, they help preparing some of the activities and they help students that need extra attention.
To work with us the way we do is very simple. We teach all the students as if they were our family or family of friends. We always try to do what is best for them, helping them learn as quickly as possible in the happiest way possible. Our teaching system implies doing a lot of real activities where a lot of preparation and materials are needed with no extra cost for the students or teachers. While following instructions and carrying out the activities the students really put into practice what they are learning and it is easy to assess them on what they understand. Teaching like that is fun but doesn’t come cheap and we keep the prices as low as possible for the students.

The language laboratory and the computer software to improve pronunciation is not as important for us as it was before because now we can improve pronunciation when needed using smaller equipment in the classrooms.
If you would like to work for us in the future, send us information and attach your CV. We are always delighted to get to know happy and enthusiastic teachers, receptionists and office workers that would like to work in a language academy where students learn in a fun, happy way. It would be great if you have experience in Cambridge exams, Aptis or others but it is not totally necessary because we have the people and resources to assist you with everything needed.
The city of San fernando is quite close to Cádiz, it is in the same bay and it has its own beach area called Camposoto. The prices in San Fernando, specially accomodation will be a bit cheaper than the ones for Cádiz capital. There is very good comunication by train, bus and tram from both cities. If you want to check the area and the cost of living in Cádiz you can copy and paste these web pages on your browser:


It can be attached in .pdf format or .doc