At the end of the course they will be able to take home and keep some of the ¨baby¨ trees and plants they will work with. This is their first year learning English so they will be able to have a tree that will be as old as the years they have been learning English for. It is one of our Real Activities this course for the younger ones. The Real Activities in our academy are not simple workshops for fun or simple playing. Thay are a very important part of our system. These activities get them much faster than with other systems to start following instructions and understanding and learning new words and sentences without transtating from Spanish. They learn by doing real things. That way, they can figure out the meaning of the words and sentences thanks to the «context», thanks to the reality of everything  they are doing and the explanations of the teacher at the same time. For that reason words or expressions that the students can’t possibly understand or figure out at a particular moment of the course have to be avoided. Preparing and doing those activities all in English is not easy. Teaching, working and learning at TOPLINGUA is not for the faint-hearted 

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